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The Employer Project

The free Employer Project helps connect nonprofits and small business employers to quality, trained job seekers. We help Employers create a business profile with current job openings, and assist with marketing.

Already promote your own jobs? Collaborate with us and gain access to our unique job seeker pool. We will add your job openings link to your Careers for a Cause profile page, and help you promote it.

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For $200 quarterly, Employers will also receive:


    Assistance with basic HR tasks to include: job descriptions, salary research, job openings, performance evaluations, referrals to HR professional consultants, Employee pre-screening, and sector-based training

  • Job Matching

    Bi-weekly emails of “perfect match” candidates

  • Evaluation

    Quarterly check in's to evaluate employee placement

  • Networking Events

    Coming Soon... "The 4PM Zoom In" – an online, informal gathering of for-profit and nonprofit staff, using our proven system for networking

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Job Seeker Project (Free)

The mission of The Job Seeker Project is to help the unemployed find nonprofit jobs. We target individuals who are or may be:

  • Under-served
  • Out of work
  • On unemployment / public assistance
  • Living at/or below poverty

We aim to specifically reach veterans, high school graduates, working seniors, emancipated youth, and working aged youth.

Participants must complete the training workshops below:

  • Entering the Nonprofit World

    A workshop on the strengths needed to work in the nonprofit sector. Job seekers will learn: The Nonprofit Basics, The Nonprofit Employee Mindset - Visualizing Mission-Based Dreams and Goals, Working Daily as a Nonprofit Employee, and The Importance of Networking & Relationship Building in the Nonprofit Sector.

  • Financial Health

    This workshop is designed to help people with money management. Attendees will learn: Budgeting - the basics of how to effectively budget their finances, Credit - methods on starting credit, building credit, and maintaining credit, Debt Management - insight on subjects such as: Smart purchases, Good debt vs bad debt, Refinancing debt, Pay off vs Pay down, and Importance of Philanthropy - what philanthropy means and the different ways that one can give back to the community

  • Job Readiness

    Job readiness skills help employees learn how to interact with supervisors and co-workers. Employers value employees who communicate effectively and are professional, no matter what technical skills a job may require. Every job requires good social skills/interpersonal skills. We help job seekers learn skills such as: effective communication, having a positive attitude, teamwork, active listening, conflict resolution, and professionalism. Currently, our specific training areas are: Financial literacy / money management, Sector-based skills, Understanding employer expectations for punctuality and performance, and "soft" skills necessary for employment such as, interviewing and resumes.

  • Orientation Day - What to Expect

    Job seekers learn what to expect at Orientation Day such as, the human resources process, time management, and their role in community service. They will also learn about specific job types that nonprofits need. Training will focus on the job type of the job seeker’s choice.

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